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Céline’s Food & More focuses on easy recipes containing mainly healthy and pure ingredients. And by easy, I mean recipes that definitely can be made by anyone. In addition to the actual recipe, I give tips about which dishes go really well together and for what kind of dishes you can use the remaining ingredients a next time. In this way you can prepare a delicious meal without wasting food, where possible. You will not find recipes here that require you to buy all kinds of ingredients that you probably will not use anymore. And not entirely unimportant, after making my dishes you will not get frustrated and think “well, the dish really looked a lot prettier in the picture”.

My philosophy is: healthy food is tasty, helps you feel fit and can be prepared by anyone. But it must be possible to alternate with eating less healthy food. Yougaran will find both on my blog. It’s about finding the right balance for yourself to feel good about yourself.

My culinary journey

Actually, a while ago I hardly ever cooked myself. I felt that I absolutely could not and was too chaotic for this. But now I can guarantee you that anyone can cook. After changing from take-out dishes to preparing my own dinner at home, I experienced that you have to learn to cook and by doing this more often you get better at it. It is important to start small and build it up gradually. At a certain point I actually started to combine and try out ingredients myself. For me it was striking to notice that cooking has a therapeutic effect, it gives peace after a busy day full of impulses. Your focus is only on the actions you have to perform. I enjoyed seeing what I was actually eating. I became even more enthusiastic about the fact that others liked my food.

With this blog I therefore want to show that everyone can cook. Everyone can put beautiful, healthy and -above all- delicious dishes on the table. So enjoy my blog and I hope it’s a source of inspiration!


My culinary journey never ends, I really enjoy receiving tips for new recipes. If you have these, please email me!

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